Current figures deriving from the branch analysis “Marktplatzsortimente” (marketplace assortments) of the novomind AG (Germany) confirm, that brand manufacturers lose millions of dollars revenue because they don’t offer their products via the internet. New services from the RHIEM Group smooth the way for companies in Europe-wide electronic commerce. The range of services offered extends from secure transaction processing to tried-and-trusted professional fulfilment; from warehousing facilities to returns processing.
tvears-300x300The RHIEM Group, an owner-run fulfilment services provider, headquartered in Voerde, is expanding its services as of now to include comprehensive services in the e-commerce sector. Any size of RHIEM customer can use the Internet as an electronic sales channel and expand its activities in the shortest time into numerous European markets. With RHIEM’s assistance, companies can “e-commercialise” their online product catalogues extremely quickly and simply. RHIEM takes care of the logistics and the entire transaction processing procedure for the shop design.

In the past, many companies have underestimated the complexity of European e-commerce. Transactions have to be secure, shops have to offer a wide range of currencies and payment methods and in international commerce local conditions and tax regulations have to be observed, especially with regard to VAT. In addition, online customers expect their orders to be processed quickly: deliveries need to be made within a few days. With its e-commerce service, RHIEM is responding to the growing readiness of companies to outsource these services to qualified service providers.
With the RHIEM approach, companies don’t need to update their websites even once: “Buy now” buttons are simply added to the online product catalogues; the actual shopping cart in the customer’s corporate design runs on RHIEM’s secured server. When the customer clicks on the buy button, he or she is seamlessly redirected to the RHIEM system. For payment processing, RHIEM relies on the platform of world-leading provider BIBIT Global Payment Services (Royal Bank of Scotland), which covers all relevant payment types, including those peculiar to individual countries, such as Carte Bleue in France. Bibit also provides automatic credit checks, so that RHIEM’s resp. it’s customer’s risk of non-payment is eliminated. Subsequent to payment verification, RHIEM carries out the entire logistics procedure from warehousing in its own storage facility to shipping processing and returns handling. The customer always retains total control. He or she is able to change products, prices and conditions at any time via a backend administration portal.

RHIEM’s service extends throughout the whole of Europe and this is especially of interest to foreign companies: US companies are already using this uncomplicated method to conquer the European market with their goods. “We can expand into new markets in a highly professional manner but also very quickly and without the need for great investment”, says George Dennis, Founder & CEO of TV Ears. RHIEM acts as a virtual European subsidiary to US companies, reliably processing all of their transactions. National languages, currencies and tax regulations no longer present an obstacle in Europe. RHIEM Group Managing Director Dr Stefan Rhiem: “With our e-commerce service, we offer companies an uncomplicated, cost-effective way of opening a sales channel. They are able to approach their customers directly and at the same time gather data that can be of enormous importance for marketing purposes. The way into electronic commerce was never simpler.”

About TV Ears Inc.
TV Ears Inc., based in Spring Valley, California, was acknowledged by Inc. 5000 as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America. TV Ears continues a pattern of consistent growth with innovative quality products and an increasingly loyal and expanding base of satisfied customers. Through technology and dedication, TV Ears has made it possible for the hearing impaired and their loved ones to co-exist harmoniously. Further details can be found at:

About RHIEM Group
RHIEM is an owner-run fulfilment services company with existing company structures in North America, Asia and Europe. Founded in 1958 as a printing firm, today the company has grown into a global service provider and consists of four business divisions: RHIEM Druck, RHIEM Services, RHIEM Intermedia and PPS Solutions. The company’s German headquarters cover an area of over 40,000m² with a 450-strong motivated workforce. Further details can be found at:

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