The Release of Collector‘s Edition Bundles in the course of computer game launches comes along with considerable challenges for the entire supply chain.

port_plexus-300x216The German company Port Plexus GmbH, global market leader in development of collector’s edition bundles for computer games, realizes the global assembly and fulfillment through RHIEM’s European facility and it’s global alliance partners in North America and Asia Pacific. Through a unique unboxing experience, the collector’s editions aim to strengthen the customers‘ identification with the otherwise immaterial computer game. While regular computer games are typically offered in unostentatious DVD boxes or even by download only, collector’s editions inspire the customers by a combination of design elements in the spirit of the computer game.

Naturally the market launch of new computer games resp. new revisions of existing games is characterized by quick turnaround times. For one reason, publishers would wait with the announcement of the new product until the very last moment in order not to compromise the ongoing sales of current product versions. For another reason, engineers and game designers are typically grateful for any additional day they can get and bring the game to perfection. In consequence the gold master is handed over to replication sites only a few days before market launch. Thanks to highly automated replication processes in the various markets, the new game will be globally available within such short time.

This brings along remarkable challenges for the supply chain of collector’s edition bundles: Collector‘s editions are sought after because they are comparably rare. As a result of this deliberate shortness, assembly & fulfillment can not be done in each market on its own for that market’s needs. For realizing economies of scale, assembly & fulfillment of those special bundles need to be done in some few locations. However, after the collector’s edition bundles are finally produced, nevertheless they have to be made available in the global retail markets – the same day when the actual computer game launches.

The recently launched Crysis 2 by Electronic Arts was one of 2011’s most hotly-anticipated games – eagerly awaited by gamers and press alike. To celebrate its launch and reward fans, EA produced Crysis 2: Nano Edition – a massive Collector’s Edition for a massive game release. „With dimensions of 39 x 37 x 50 [cm], Crysis 2: Nano Edition is one of the largest Collector’s Editions ever created. The final configuration and fulfillment to our global customers, we were able to realize through RHIEM and its global alliance partners – punctually and precisely. At the end, their performance was a key for us to make this project a great success“, says Michael Jadischke, CEO of Port Plexus.

About Port Plexus:
The world‘s leading supplier of special collector’s editions, founded 10 years ago as OH! Datenservice, laid the foundation for its transformation into specialists for total service CD and DVD production. Thanks to many years of experience, insightful specialisation and steadily-increasing internationalisation, Port Plexus has made the development of professional Edition Strategies its core area of expertise. As a strategic partner for games publishers, Port Plexus is able to strenghten their brand value and guarantees an unboxing experience second to none. Further details can be found at:

About RHIEM:
RHIEM is an owner-run fulfilment services company with existing company structures in North America, Asia and Europe. Founded in 1958 as a printing firm, today the company has grown into a global service provider and consists of four business divisions: RHIEM Druck (printing), RHIEM Services, RHIEM Intermedia and PPS Solutions. The Group has a further eight bases in Asia and North America. Further details can be found at:

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