RHIEM Group is the fulfillment service provider for online specialist RED SIMON, shipping South African wines to countries all over Europe.

DruckRED SIMON is the e-commerce specialist for high-quality wines from South Africa. The name RED SIMON derives from Simon van der Stel, the first Governor of South Africa, who founded the town of Stellenbosch and laid the cornerstone for the South African wine world. South African wine expert RED SIMON selects the most exciting wines from over 600 vineyards in the Cape Town region. A modern, clear and passionate online presence awaits customers and visitors to the new website of of the fast-growing provider at www.red-simon.com. User-friendly, informative and aesthetically appealing, the integrated online shop is at the leading edge. Choosing from a selection of over 300 premium wines becomes a pure pleasure and begeistert mit numerous and innovative functions, such as the wine comparison list or the simple “Wine and Food Pairing”.

As a supply chain specialist, RHIEM supports the entire supply chain from the import of the wine to Europe by sea freight, through temperature-controlled storage to shipping to end-customers all over Europe. To ship fragile goods by parcel service, RHIEM has engaged transport service providers to develop and certify its own shipping boxes. In 2012 RED SIMON and RHIEM can look back proudly on a year of 0% bottle breakages. Behind the scenes of the online shop, RHIEM supports order processing as a reseller. RHIEM takes care of invoicing, clearing and everything to do with VAT and consumer taxes.

Stephan Nühlen, founder and CEO of RED SIMON: “With its service portfolio covering the operation of the online shop to order fulfillment, RHIEM is our flexible and reliable partner, allowing us to concentrate on our core strengths of wine selection, customer advice and customer service.

RED SIMON (www.red-simon.com) is the e-commerce specialist for high-quality wines from South Africa. The young provider nurtures close relationships with its partner vineyards, numbering 25 at the present time. Regular visits to the country and a personal presence in the growing region play a central role in accomplishing this task. There is no other way to guarantee a top selection of wines. Dedicated customer services and a team of specialized wine advisers complete the outstanding service level. Wine lovers can find stories from the South African wine country, lively tasting reports, interviews with well-known faces from the wine world and forthright articles in the online magazine www.redsimonsays.com

About RHIEM Group
RHIEM is an owner-run fulfilment services company with company structures in North America, Asia and Europe. Its registered office is in Voerde, Germany. Established in 1958 as a printing firm, today the company has grown into a global service provider and consists of the following business divisions: RHIEM Printing, RHIEM Services, RHIEM Intermedia, RHIEM Distribution Systems and PPS Solutions. For more detailed information, visit www.rhiem.com

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