Fans love Daedalic Entertainment’s computer games like “Edna bricht aus (Edna breaks out)”, “Goodbye Deponia” and the coming game “Blackguards”. They can now order their favorite games and fan merchandise in the new merchandising shop.

The prize winner of the German Developer Award, Red Dot Design Award, German Computer Games Award and Educational Interactive Games Award, Daedalic Entertainments draws both teenagers and adults under its spell with its multi award-winning computer games. Assisted by RHIEM, the Hamburg games studio is opening an online shop for the fans of “Deponia”, “Memoria” and “Harveys Neue Augen (Harvey’s New Eyes) selling fan merchandise like posters, plush figures and mugs depicting heroes from the well-known games. “As games developers we know a lot about marketing software and downloads,” says Michael Jadischke, Director Special Productions & Merchandise, “but for the Europe-wide sale of physical products like T-shirts, mugs or mousepads we need an experienced partner like RHIEM, with a proven track record in shipping and logistics, returns management and cross-border e-commerce accounting.”

The fulfillment and e-commerce provider has set up the online shop for merchandising products on the Daedalic website at www.daedalic.de and will service all Daedalic orders from its headquarters in Voerde. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in the next chapter in Daedalic Entertainment’s success story,” says Group CEO Dr. Stefan Rhiem. “We can supply retailers and consumers quickly and reliably from our central warehouse.” RHIEM manages the online shop as a reseller, also handling international payments with end-customers.

Further information:

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