RHIEM Group supplies Advent calendars for brand manufacturers


RHIEM designs and assembles Advent calendars. Following the example of the chocolate and toys industries, the cosmetics sector has now discovered calendars as a gift idea and image bearer. A small gift – and a brand message lies hidden behind every little door.

Once this year’s Advent season is over, next year’s is already on the way. Millions of little doors stand wide open once again, and children and adults alike are delighted by the small surprises found inside. Nonetheless, companies are already busy with Advent calendars for the coming winter season. Brand and cosmetics manufacturers in particular are planning and ordering surprise packages for 2014, as this gift idea for adults and children is not only a sales success but also an appealing image bearer.

Corinna Döpfert, Head of Product Management at MALU WILZ Beauté, explains why manufacturers also love Advent calendars: “Behind every little door lies a sample of our expertise, along with a very attractively packaged brand message. With RHIEM we found an experienced partner and packaging specialist to design and produce for us a striking Advent calender for 2013.”

The square Advent calendar of the Munich cosmetics brand for professional beauticians and lasting skincare appears in elegant gray and silver. Ingenious coordinating phials with different concentrates for the care and regeneration of stressed skin are concealed behind the 24 doors: a four-week intensive course for a radiant look and an attractive gift for special girlfriends. “Advent calendars are popular. They bring up lots of positive memories and emotions,” says Corinna Döpfert. “They allow a brand to shine its light for a fairly long period in a positive environment, strengthening brand loyalty with both children and adults.”

3-D technology for packaging surprises

As a packaging and finishing specialist, RHIEM develops and designs high-quality cardboard wrappings for Advent calenders. Metalized films, offset UV printing and hot foil stamping create visual and often also tactile signals. The trays or inlets in which cosmetics samples and other little surprises are safely tucked away are made from plastic. For this purpose, the Voerde company develops 3-D molds and the proper tools to shape plastic films. “As with secondary packaging and gift sets, we work out a platform strategy for the necessary material and tools for Advent calendars too,” says RHIEM Executive Board member Ulrich Treiber. “This enables affordable batch production for brand manufacturers and through this strategy calendars can even be individualized for the market.”

As a fulfillment provider for e-commerce for brand manufacturers, RHIEM assembles and packs the 24 gifts in the calendars. To satisfy the special hygiene requirements for packing foodstuffs and cosmetics, the company has its processes regularly checked and certified according to the high demands of the British Retail Consortium (BRC). RHIEM expects even more brand manufacturers from other sectors to discover the appealing gift idea of an Advent calendar for themselves and their products. “Small electronic accessories, gadgets or delicacies in an Advent calendar make the run-up to Christmas even more fun,” says Ulrich Treiber.

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