RHIEM wins the global warehouse logistics contract of Myfox, the award-winning inventor and manufacturer of connected security solutions for private homes.


The French home security specialist Myfox produces innovative, intelligent security systems. The turn-key solutions and systems from Myfox are extremely user-friendly and proactively prevent break-ins, giving extra peace of mind. The Myfox Home Alarm is a cutting-edge alarm system with patented IntelliTAG™ sensors for doors and windows. These sensors detect vibration, analyze it and are smart enough to tell the difference between ordinary events and potential threats. The alarm is triggered and a push message is sent to the smartphone of the home owner before the burglar has even entered the property. The alarm system is managed through a smartphone app and can even identify trusted friends and family members. It is automatically armed the moment the owner leaves the home. Upon return to the property, the Myfox Home Alarm is automatically disarmed.

In 2010, Myfox expanded its business from France to the rest of Europe. Due to the huge positive response to its new product line in the global market, Myfox is currently focusing on the further internationalization of its products. In 2015, RHIEM was put in charge of the central warehouse of Myfox, all B2B and B2C fulfillment tasks and the handling of returns in Europe and the USA. With its global supply chain solution, the e-commerce and logistics service provider based in Voerde provides Myfox with an optimized infrastructure for future growth.

“We are delighted doing business with an up-and-coming manufacturer of smart home security solutions, as we see great potential in this market,” says Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rhiem, Managing Director or RHIEM. “We are particularly pleased that we have been able to add another French company to our client list. After all, France is the main trading partner of Germany within the European Union. As a fulfillment service provider with an eye on the European market, we see this contract as another opportunity for expansion and growth.”

Apart from fulfillment services, the RHIEM Group, which grew out of a small printing company, assists its clients in designing and producing their packaging and offers a range of value-added services. RHIEM’s optional services, which include set packaging, hazardous goods shipping, international air cargo shipping, hardware testing and reworking of electronic goods are of course also available to our new client Myfox.

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