RHIEM Group offers new fulfillment service:

contorion_300x300Cross-docking is the name of the latest offering from RHIEM: with standardized delivery from different warehouses, online retailers cleverly expand their range and make savings on cross-border shipping.

Picking from different warehouses: Commissioned by Contorion, RHIEM ships professional tools for tradespeople and industrial requirements that are ordered online. The e-commerce specialist not only packs products from the shelves in Voerde but also those that the fulfillment provider receives from large retailers and manufacturers. “We arrange the storage and shipping of frequently ordered professional tools for Contorion,” explains Stefan Rhiem, CEO of the RHIEM Group from Voerde. “In addition, we consolidate cross-docking orders so that clients are able to receive standardized and reliable deliveries.”

Specializing in tradespeople and companies, Contorion is a multichannel retailer from Berlin, and since 2015 has sold over 350,000 products, ranging from screws through small machines to work clothes. The start-up delegated the shipping and storage of goods to RHIEM. Larger products, in particular, or special tools that are seldom ordered, are ordered online from the webshops of Contorion’s partners and then transported to RHIEM, where they are packed and shipped together with other items, if necessary. “We would like to establish ourselves as the go-to source for professional tradespeople, and provide a one-stop solution for all of our clients’ needs,” says Tobias Tschötsch, CEO of Contorion. “RHIEM’s cross-docking solution enables us to have a standardized brand presence and the efficient expansion of a very wide and highly specialized range.”

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Rene Tanzer
Gildeweg 10 • 46562 Voerde
Phone: +49 (0) 2855 9700-800
E-Mail: rene.tanzer@rhiem.com
Web: www.rhiem.com


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