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To plan and expand its capacities, Handelskontor Beck commissions RHIEM to handle the storage and shipping of baby and children’s items, which are mainly premium prams, pushchairs and accessories, from a variety of premium segment brands. The web shop is also developed and supported in Voerde.

silver_cross_1George and Charlotte, the Royal offspring of the British Royal family, ride in Silver Cross prams. Now the elegant and luxurious children’s carriages can be bought in the German-speaking part of Europe too. Handelskontor Beck has secured the exclusive sales license of the UK brand – and has also gained the RHIEM Group as a specialist for their webshop, and also for storage and shipping. “RHIEM gives us reliable support in delivering to both specialist stores and to consumers,” says Karin Beck, CEO of Handelskontors Beck. “Its scalable, transparent and efficient processes simplify our work”.

RHIEM is not only responsible for the Silver Cross webshop but also stores the premium items in Voerde and ships them by truck or parcel service, including international consignments. The fulfillment specialist also handles returns as well as requests for spare parts or accessories. “As a fulfillment and e-commerce specialist, we have developed all of the necessary processes for storing and shipping high-quality goods, and we adapt resources flexibly to the requirements of our clients,” says Stefan Rhiem, CEO of the RHIEM Group. “Handelskontor Beck gains space to concentrate on its core competencies, such as marketing a variety of premium segment children’s items.”


Plannable processes through outsourcing


silver_cross_2Since 1960, Handelskontor Beck has supplied baby and children’s specialist stores with special prams and pushchairs, as well as high-quality brands from Europe. Now the company has secured the sales license for the premium UK pram and pushchair brand Silver Cross for B2B and end-consumers. For this purpose, RHIEM developed and programmed an online shop at http://www.silver-cross.de/. At the same time, the Voerde firm took over shipping and storage. Stefan Rhiem explains the advantages of outsourcing: “When supplying to the trade and also when shipping to consumers, it is frequently necessary to send considerably more consignments than usual at short notice.” As a fulfillment and logistics specialist, we integrate these peak orders into our processes and can thus absorb them much better. For the sake of reliability and speed in shipping, retailers constantly have to keep more supplies than they actually need. This is not economically feasible.”

silver_cross_3RHIEM delivers prams, pushchairs and accessories, as required, to specialist and online retailers by truck. The company pays the freight duty for consignments to Switzerland. Similar to the way in which Handelskontor Beck supports specialist retailers in marketing children’s goods with advertising and other services, RHIEM also provides important fulfillment services in-house. The company develops online shops, as well as storing, packing and shipping goods, and handling commercial statements and taxes, if required. Stefan Rhiem: “We cover all of the fulfillment steps for e-commerce.” Having originated in a print works, we even offer our clients packaging designs and print advertising material or manuals, if required.


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Phone: +49 (0) 2855 9700-835
E-Mail: thorsten.voigt@rhiem.com
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