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Fulfillment service provider RHIEM from Voerde is now collaborating with Brizebox. The British startup sells postboxes online, in which letters, parcels and packages are stored safely and therefore arrive quickly and on time.

brizeboxIf the postman rings twice, the addressee is often not at home. In answer to the annoyance of packages that cannot be delivered, Brizebox has developed its own parcel delivery boxes, in which delivery people can store large parcels safely without a key. For its expansion in Europe, the startup from Winchester, UK, is now collaborating with RHIEM Group. The fulfillment and e-commerce service provider from Voerde takes care of the storage and shipping of Brizeboxes in Germany and Europe. “To know that we’ve got RHIEM by our side is extremely reassuring,” says Brizebox founder and CEO Brian Willcox. “Security and quality are issues close to our heart, and RHIEM delivers our large-volume boxes to any destination in Europe – well-packed, securely and affordably.”

According to Statista, just under 3 billion parcels in Germany alone are sent every year at present. However, a large proportion does not reach the recipients straightaway, because generally delivery services do not have access to the building and are therefore unable to leave the parcels. This means extra effort and expense for delivery services and online shops, while consumers have to make their way to the post office. In any case, it is irritating for all concerned.

Practical combination of drawer and locker

Brizebox has now developed a simple solution to deal with this annoyance, in the form of two-part parcel delivery boxes with a publicly accessible drawer – in addition to an underneath locker. The delivery person places the parcel in the drawer. As soon as the drawer re-closes, the bottom of the box flaps open to the side and the parcel slides into the locker, from which the recipient withdraws it. Thieves haven’t got a chance because the bottom of the box re-closes and secures the parcel. “The e-commerce and logistics market needs everyday solutions for delivering parcels and other packages over the last mile or directly to the front door,” says RHIEM Group CEO Stefan Rhiem. “The Brizebox is easy to understand, robust and very practical.” The e-commerce and fulfillment service provider stores the Brizeboxes from the UK, which are available in green, white and black, and come in three sizes, at its sites and sends them straight to the addressee after an online order has been placed. They are delivered within a few days.

The UK Brizebox is solid metal, accepting parcels of up to 52 cm in length and 32 cm in height, and costs around 250 euros. For single-family homes, there is a standalone version as well as an in-built version. The apartment version consists of units that can be bolted together and mounted on posts.


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