Full-service fulfillment for Varsity Europe

Varsity Europe relies on international network of RHIEM: the fulfillment service provider RHIEM now handles all warehousing and dispatch tasks for Varsity’s European business and eliminates costly returns especially for British customers.

Cheerleading conquers Europe: more and more young women and men are engaging in dance, acrobatics and lifts to fire up the supporters at basketball and football games. Some of the groups even participate in cheerleading competitions. As a consequence, the business of Varsity, the US supplier of cheerleading apparel and equipment is booming. With the support of RHIEM, Varsity has updated its online shop for European customers and revised its fulfillment procedures to meet the ever increasing demand. RHIEM, the e-commerce specialist based in Voerde, Germany, now handles all dispatches and returns and also processes all invoices and payments for the goods ordered through the website. “RHIEM provides us with a comprehensive and professional service that is tailor-made to suit our needs,” says Dr. Jan Becker, CEO of Varsity Europe. “Through our cooperation with RHIEM, we have been able to improve the quality of our service, shorten our delivery times and make the return of goods cheaper for our customers.”

In this partnership, RHIEM makes full use of its extensive network of cooperation partners. At the premises of one of its partners near Birmingham, the e-commerce specialist has set up a dedicated returns hub for Varsity customers in the UK. “In the clothing business, the return rate is generally high, as the apparel must obviously fit the person,” explains Dr. Stefan Rhiem with regard to this strategy. “As returned merchandise does no longer need to be shipped to mainland Europe, customers in the UK save around 75 per cent in postage.” With its new returns hub and additional warehousing capacity in the UK, RHIEM is already preparing itself for the consequences of Brexit, the decision of the British to leave the European Union.

RHIEM acts as reseller for Varsity online business

In its partnership with Varsity, RHIEM acts as a reseller: the e-commerce firm stores the products of the cheerleading apparel specialist at its premises in Voerde and appears as the seller to end consumers who buy products through the Varsity Europe web shop. Online retailers such as Varsity who are expanding from the US into Europe can save a lot of money by outsourcing their new business and fulfillment activities and entering into reselling agreements. Their teams can remain focused on the marketing of the goods, and do not need to worry about warehousing capacities. Most importantly, US companies are relieved from dealing directly with end customer billing and payments, or the various tax issues arising with sales in Europe. “Helping Varsity offer its customers a better service makes us proud and spurs us on,” says Stefan Rhiem. “Reselling is an excellent strategy as storage and logistics capacities can be constantly adjusted to match the actual turnover.”


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Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Voigt
Director Business Development & Sales
Gildeweg 10 • 46562 Voerde
Phone: +49 (0) 2855 9700-835
E-Mail: thorsten.voigt@rhiem.com
Web: www.rhiem.com



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