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RHIEM now acts as the fulfillment partner of BARBOZA. The young workout and sports fashion brand teamed up with RHIEM for customized shipping services that meet BARBOZA’s unique sustainability policy.

Fully recyclable, octagonal and catching the eye: BARBOZA based in Bochum ships its innovative merchandise in octagonal cartons with a black logo print, known as BARBOZA Octagons. The e-commerce service provider RHIEM has now taken over the fulfillment tasks for the young brand. “RHIEM fully understands our requirements with regard to sustainable shipping and environmentally friendly packaging. In RHIEM, we have found an experienced partner who will assist us in growing our business,” says Serga Joe Kiesser, founder and CEO of BARBOZA.

Up to recently, BARBOZA founded three years ago in Bochum handled all its packaging, warehousing and shipping tasks on its own. In order to keep focused on growing the sports fashion business and to respond to the ever increasing demand for its products, BARBOZA has now teamed up with RHIEM. The fulfillment specialist is in charge of the warehousing and packaging of the merchandise and handles the international shipping and returns management. “We love to cooperate with partners such as BARBOZA who pursues a business model that puts our expertise to the test,” explains Stefan Rhiem, managing director of the fulfillment company.

Flexibility for added value

The attractive shipping cartons have already become a USP of BARBOZA, as the octagonal boxes definitely stand out. The carton is a creation of the Moscow-based designer Maksim Arbuzov. It is made from sturdy cardboard and features a barbell image printed in water-based black ink. The cartons are glued with starch-based adhesive, which means that they are biodegradable and can be disposed of in the compost. The packaging has been well received by consumers who like the design, and also the fact that it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Many cartons however never make it to the compost bin, as they have become collectors’ items and are given as presents to friends, thus further promoting the brand.

Sustainability does not end there: The BARBOZA merchandise stored in the RHIEM warehouse for shipping to customers all over the world is not simply placed in the boxes. First, all wholesale plastic packaging is removed from the items and carefully disposed of for recycling. Then, the BARBOZA T-shirts and work-out bottoms are placed in reusable net fabric bags, often together with work-out programs and small give-aways.

The pick&place process is therefore slightly more complex than for other RHIEM clients. To make sure that each parcel meets the expectations of the sports fashion brand, RHIEM workers have been given detailed packaging instructions that outline the specific requirements of BARBOZA. “In order to do all this efficiently without adding undue costs, RHIEM has devised processes that can be quickly and flexibly implemented and adapted in order to meet special client requirements,” explains Stefan Rhiem.


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