Fulfillment the hygienic way

When it comes to e-commerce, pet food company MERA Tiernahrung GmbH relies on the experience of RHIEM. The Voerde-based fulfillment service provider will be taking care of warehousing and dispatch for the new product line Meravital.de. Hygiene is a priority in these processes.

Fancy dragging 12 kilos of pet food home in big bags? It is so much more convenient with the help of online mail order companies. Therefore the Voerde-based RHIEM Group has just agreed to provide the fulfillment services for Meravital for pet food manufacturer MERA.

Pet owners can buy medically approved diet pet foods and sustainably produced food for dogs and cats from the company. “There have already been orders for stocks of several 12-kilo bags,” confirmed Toni Föllmer, e-commerce manager at MERA.

“RHIEM helps us to provide reliable and successful e-commerce services, supplying vets and consumers with the food which their animals need.”

According to the industry association bevh, online sales of pet supplies now amount to around 850 million euro per year. The online share of the market is growing rapidly. As with food for human consumption, the storage and transport of animal food are subject to strict hygiene regulations. “Our warehousing and dispatch processes are certified as conforming to the IFS Logistics standard. Having worked with manufacturers of cosmetics and dietary supplements, we have plenty of experience in providing e-commerce support to businesses subject to high standards of hygiene,” said Dr. Stefan Rhiem, CEO & President of the Voerde-based e-commerce and fulfillment service provider, “and we apply the same standards to fulfillment services for pet supplies.”

Cooperation with vets

MERA has made a name for itself over more than 65 years in sustainable business practices and premium quality food for cats and dogs. The Kevelaer-based manufacturer processes ingredients sourced almost exclusively from Germany and also offers a wide range of diet pet foods for the protection and preservation of animal health. The company is working in close consultation with vets on the distribution of Meravital. They recommend the diet pet food supplied by Mera in case of gastrointestinal complaints, kidney disease, problems with joints, skin and fur, and excess weight.

The veterinary practices are provided with small pack sizes by RHIEM to keep in stock for the initial treatment of their patients. Pet owners can then order the larger packs online for their four-legged friends. The orders are then delivered free to their door by the parcel service. The various products are set out clearly on meravital.de with easily understandable explanations. Pet owners can also read information on the individual types of food and an integrated blog with tips on providing dogs and cats with a healthy diet and aiding their physical and mental well-being through exercise and games.


Further information:

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