Fulfillment partner for hazardous goods

Rhiem ships the smart luggage made by Horizn Studios – and is very careful to take the many safety factors into consideration when transporting the suitcases because of the power banks with rechargeable lithium batteries supplied with the products.

Smart travel has moved on these days from just booking online or via an app. The digital nomad is now also packing a smart suitcase or high-tech bag. Having made a name for itself as one of the first suppliers of innovative luggage, Berlin-based start-up Horizn Studios is now cooperating with the e-commerce service provider RHIEM from Voerde. “Great care and relevant experience are needed when storing and transporting our innovative high-tech suitcases and designer luggage,” said Jan Roosen, Co-Founder & Managing Partner. “We chose RHIEM because we were looking for a fulfillment partner with the professional credentials to carry forward our high quality standards to the logistics and shipping processes.”

Packaging, training and compliance

The smart suitcases supplied by Horizn Studios are classed as dangerous goods in parcel services or freight forwarding by ground transport and carriage by air because they contain a power bank which supplies smartphones or tablets with energy via a USB cable. This function is useful when flights are delayed, for example, and there are emails to check or documents to process. “Lithium batteries can catch fire,” explained Dr.-Ing. Peter Lorenzi, Managing Director at RHIEM, “therefore they must be safely packaged, labeled and delivered by approved means of transportation. Our strengths lie in the professional handling of superior products, and advising our customers in this regard is naturally part of our service. The professional skills of our employees play a central role in this. In this case we are dealing with lithium ion batteries, and our staff are trained on compliance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR).”

As the fulfillment partner of Horizn Studios, the e-commerce service provider not only sends the designer goods to end consumers who order their smart luggage online direct from the start-up but also to stockists in the retail trade and business customers of the Berliners.

The all-clear signal can be sounded for travelers and digital nomads who can rest assured that the smart suitcases and bags are naturally safe as carry-on luggage and welcome on airlines worldwide. If they are consigned to the hold on flights, the power bank will simply travel in the hand luggage. This is where the products made by Horizn Studios outperform their rivals with the practical option of taking out the power bank. And on buses or trains there are no restrictions on the Berlin-made pieces of luggage, so they can settle in for the ride with you – elegant, smart, and safe.

Further information:

RHIEM Gruppe
Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Voigt
Director Business Development & Sales
Gildeweg 10 • 46562 Voerde
Phone: +49 (0) 2855 9700-835
E-Mail: thorsten.voigt@rhiem.com
Web: www.rhiem.com



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