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Fine tights and leggings that don’t pinch, sag, ladder and are now even biodegradable:   the British startup Hedoine pushes for the highest standards in sustainability with its elegant products – and with that lets RHIEM support its growth expansion by shipping in Europe.

Only rarely do low denier tights survive a day. They are delicate, snag easily, get runny stitches, so called ladders, sag and wear out at the ankles and knees, much to the annoyance of their wearers. No wonder that tights are considered the number one disposable product in your wardrobe, and that women always keep a second pair for emergencies in their bag to be on the safe side. Anna Rauch and Alexandra Tymann set out to change that: in 2017 they founded Hedoine in London. They produce and sell ladder-resistant and comfortable tights that are produced in an environmentally friendly way in Italy.

The latest models are even biodegradable. Durability, comfort and sustainability are the key factors for the founders – even when shipping their innovative legwear. RHIEM supports Hedoine with responsibly made and plastic-free packaging: “We want to produce the most comfortable and sustainable tights, customers should only want to wear Hedoine,” says Anna Rauch, co-founder and COO of Hedoine. “That’s why we need a fulfillment provider that meets the highest standards, embraces sustainability, thinks customer-oriented and with whom we can continue to grow.”


Borderless Shipping through International Warehouses

Since Brexit, Europe-wide shipping has become more difficult for British companies. RHIEM therefore stores the innovative Hedoine tights in Voerde, packs and ships them from there across the European continent. This way, the London-based startup guarantees low shipping costs and a speedy delivery without any complexity around custom formalities and fees for the customer”. As a fulfillment service provider, we have established partnerships with logistics hubs on all continents to enable efficient, international and cost-effective online shipping for our customers,” explains Dr. Peter Lorenzi, CEO of RHIEM Services GmbH. “The Voerde location offers advantages to British companies in particular, and our hub in Leicestershire conversely to European shippers who want to ship to the UK.”

The RHIEM group has also long been attuned to sustainability: it generates 50 percent of its energy needs with its own solar panels. Certified recycled cardboard and plastic-free materials are used for packaging. Hedoine who manufactures its tights by specialists in Europe, underlines the importance of fair working and production conditions, all the way down to the delivery to its customers. RHIEM also stands for these values.

“Unboxing is becoming more important, with many customers documenting their excitement while unboxing on social media such as Instagram,” Lorenzi observes. “We do not only offer complete fulfillment solutions, but also develop and design individualized packaging upon request.” More and more eCommerce companies are designing their packages like Hedoine, also including a nice greeting card or matching inserts. This has been proven to create a positive surprise among online customers, enhancing the buying experience and increasing loyalty.


Set for Growth

RHIEM not only offers packaging and fulfillment ideas, but also the resources for growth: the company maintains sufficient staff and warehouse capacity to respond to short-term order peaks. The service provider is thus equipped for the Christmas season and other holidays, when a particularly large number of orders are placed and shipped, but also for the growth of successful companies with innovative products and sophisticated advertising strategies. This is an advantage that startups and growing companies from the EU in particular, and more recently also from the UK, are currently recognizing and exploring.


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