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A webshop alone is not enough to survive in today’s world. Many components are necessary for your online business to function smoothly. The gears of the individual components must be coordinated with each other in such a way that the clockwork never stops turning. We will find the right solution for your requirements with you.


A jump in the deep end is not really helpful in the field of e-commerce. Since there are countless shipping providers, payment providers, sales platforms and price comparison portals, the choice should be well thought out beforehand so that your online shop can offer the best services for each area. Only the best solution brings success in the long run.

Layout & Design

Why is that so important? Building emotions with worlds of experience to help the customer with the purchase decision – that should be your goal. We make sure that the design not only looks good, but is also functional, fast and secure.

Sales channels

As already mentioned in the “Architecture” section, a web shop alone is no longer sufficient. Especially if you think of Amazon, Ebay and Co. It is also possible to realize internal order portals or integrate them into a shopware. We have already developed numerous interfaces in the past that cover exactly these requirements. If someone says: Nothing is impossible, we cannot completely agree. If you want to use shopware for something that is almost impossible, we will inform you in time.

Content Management

Everywhere you read about “Content is King” and that is also true. Because without the right content, your site will never rank in the search engine where the potential customer is. The times when multiple use of the keyword in the text was enough to get a good ranking are long gone. We are happy to take over the realisation of the appropriate content formats.


“Finished at last” could be the statement after the launch of their website. But is it really finished then? In our opinion a website is never really finished. In the course of time there will always be requests for updates, customization or support. Our team, specially adapted to this area, will take care of these issues.

Plugin Development

Shopware can already do a lot by itself, but with plugins it can do much more. If the standard functions of Shopware are no longer sufficient for you, we develop a plugin for you, which integrates a desired function into your shop. No matter if individual adjustments of the frontend or function extensions in the backend we are looking forward to every new challenge.


You already have an online shop, but are thinking about a change? Usually the fear of data loss, effort and re-learning is bigger than the actual step. We have already migrated various systems to Shopware and are happy to help you make the leap to new things, so that the switch to Shopware is easier.


There are already countless file formats, types of accounting software and even sales platforms. And the trend is rising. In order to cope with this flood of information, interfaces are essential to ensure smooth communication. Due to the large number of interfaces that have already been implemented, we are familiar with them and are excited to implement them for you.

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Powerful partners with specialized technologies are indispensable. We select the right technologies based on the project requirements.

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RHIEM has answers to the diverse, new requirements of digital sales channels. Together with our customers, we develop the individually tailored service package based on the entire, comprehensive service portfolio.

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