Since 1971, more than 1.2 million home owners in Germany opted for products and services from HEIM & HAUS, who also offers great value when it comes to customer support and advice. Today, HEIM & HAUS is the number 1 direct seller of exclusive building elements in the German market.

HEIM & HAUS has for many years been relying on RHIEM for the design and production of its marketing material, packaging and other print matter. Together with HEIM & HAUS, RHIEM has developed a control system for installation and customer support requests. The web shop specialist also programmed the HEIM & HAUS website and is in charge of the warehouse logistics as well as dispatch and order handling for all products bought through the HEIM & HAUS web shop.


HEIM & HAUS Holding GmbH


Print Production & Finishing, Print on Demand, Software Development, Interfaces, Concept & Design, Webshop-Development, Content Management, Fulfillment, Reverse Logistics, Webshop-Support, Payment, Accounting