For the automated, real-time exchange of data between your ERP system and that of RHIEM, we use tried and tested electronic formats that guarantee transparency, fast fulfillment of your deliveries as well as extremely low error rates.

Exceptional flexibility with regard to processes and systems are the hallmark of RHIEM. Our experienced IT team identifies your requirements with regards to interfaces, defines the relevant specifications and implements them in a most efficient manner.


For real-time data exchange, we prefer SOAP Webservices. Alternatively, we process xml, csv and other formats. For the exchange of data with your ERP system, RHIEM uses up-to-date API interfaces as standard. This means that your IT department is responsible for the implementation of the interface at your side. This approach has the advantage that system changes on your part can be made at short notice, as you retain full control of your interface so that you can make all necessary adjustments at your own accord.

For conventional open source web shop systems, RHIEM is able to read the API directly.