Value Added Services

RHIEM specializes in the packaging and confectioning of products. You supply us with the goods in bulk – we turn them into marketable products. We aim of course for zero defects, as your customers expect flawless products ready for use.

Goods-in quality control

As part of your supply chain, RHIEM can check for relevant product features when goods are received. This enables quality variations in different shipments to be recognized and thus ensures that your customers always receive their products in the quality they desire.

HACCP-compliant packaging

Products from the cosmetics and food industries are subject to special hygiene requirements. To avoid physical, biological and chemical contamination, hygiene measures are obligatory. These include, for example, protective clothing for staff, insect and rodent protection, and dust-free conditions.

Individual packaging and final assembly

The benefits of manual packaging are flexibility and a high degree of customizability. To achieve our goal of 100% client satisfaction, we implement comprehensive verification measures and permanent quality controls.

Customization –
textile transfer printing

Batch size 1 – RHIEM specializes in the conception, introduction and continuous successful operation of production steps for single piece production. Your client receives a personalized product, such as a football sweater, with his or her own name on it.

Customization –
laser engraving

With modern machines, it is possible to achieve quality levels in single piece production that are comparable to those in serial production. With excellent results that are flexible and cost-optimized, you can supply your clients with valuable products with a personal dedication.

Customization –
textile embroidery

A wide range of different customization technologies are available. We are happy to advise you on the choice and implementation of a suitable solution depending on the materials concerned and your requirements.

Product sets & bundles

Any single products in your warehouse stock can be put together in a ready-made set and shipped as a new complete product during the shipping process.
You can advertise and sell these sets without having to package the complete products in advance in particular quantities.

Print-on-demand (greeting cards, vouchers, package inserts)

Client-related printed material can be manufactured individually and included during the shipping process. Your client appreciates the personal touch and feels valued. If necessary, your offering can be demarcated from competing and anonymous online market places.

Flash media upload

The latest data and software versions can be shipped on demand on storage media such as SD cards or USB sticks. This ensures that products are up-to-date, i.e. the product is customized for the individual client. RHIEM uses the latest equipment to ensure that software can be uploaded seamlessly and is reproducible.

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