Vendor Management Inventory

Indirect requirements such as point-of-sale equipment and consumables can be efficiently outsourced. RHIEM procures the materials for you from upstream suppliers and sells these materials directly to the customers via a modern shop system.

Forecast Analysis

In practice, RHIEM applies various techniques and methods that systematise and facilitate forecast analysis. The procurement of your materials is initiated by RHIEM Material Planning, which triggers a controlled purchase requisition.

International procurement

RHIEM holds the strings in its hand when it comes to the procurement of articles. According to your requirements, we purchase the articles from international suppliers, manage delivery dates and control the invoices. Regular supplier evaluations and audits ensure the highest quality standards throughout the entire process chain.

Customs clearance

We deliver your products to any point in the world – quickly, reliably and smoothly. RHIEM knows the customs formalities and practices in the international logistics business. This ensures that cross-border goods transports with the necessary paperwork are managed smoothly and unforeseen disruptions or delays are avoided as far as possible.

Warehousing and shipping

Integrate RHIEM’s many years of fulfilment experience into your processes. With its excellent geostrategic location, RHIEM is the first choice for optimal transport times and costs for deliveries throughout Europe.