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The case numbers are on the increase worldwide and so is the demand for coronavirus tests. RHIEM packages the toolkit for the new NADAL® COVID-19 rapid antigen test for nal von minden, thereby accelerating its delivery all over the world.

Infected or not infected? There is an increasing demand all over the world for rapid tests for the detection of COVID-19 or coronavirus infections. This is why help is needed by nal von minden GmbH, a company based in Moers which has been specializing in medical test equipment and in vitro diagnostics for 38 years and which is now looking to the logistics and fulfillment experts at RHIEM in Voerde to package its new NADAL® COVID-19 rapid test.

“We were operating at the limit of our capacities,” said Sandra von Minden, Director of nal von minden, “and without the support of RHIEM we would not be able to offer such a fast and reliable delivery service to send our test kits out to doctors, hospitals, retirement homes and test centers.

“Providing fast and flexible help is more important than ever in these times,” said Dr. Peter Lorenzi, CEO of the Voerde-based fulfillment service provider. “The flexibility and ability to make quick decisions allow us to build up our stock in the warehouse and expand our capacity in the fulfillment section at short notice at any time. This enables us, even in these times, to take care of these fulfillment jobs for our customers.

From the production of packaging, goods picking and shipping right through to the management of returns, we provide our customers with support with many aspects of their logistics.”


Packaging in line with strict hygiene rules

RHIEM provides its services in modules and can therefore also offer them individually – forming the basis for prompt assistance for nal von minden. Its new NADAL® COVID-19 rapid test consists of two more components in addition to the swab and test solution, and it detects coronavirus spike protein fragments just 15 minutes after taking the swab. Such tests are in great demand right now because they have a key role to play in breaking the second wave as it reaches us in autumn and winter, bringing a huge increase in case numbers.

The aims of politicians and health authorities are to break the chains of infection and to protect citizens again in this second wave by increasing test capacities.

The NADAL® COVID-19 toolkit for nursing homes, doctors, clinics and test centers must be packaged in compliance with the highest standards of hygiene. RHIEM has made preparations in this regard. The Voerde-based logistics and fulfillment specialist works with mail order firms, online retailers and other companies, storing, packaging and shipping goods on their instructions, including sealed foods, food supplements and cosmetics. RHIEM has set up special storage facilities and packing lines for these sensitive product categories, duly complying with the exacting IFS Logistics standard and the increasingly important organic certification for logistics service providers. “We are fast and we are happy to adapt our processes to accommodate special needs,” continued Rhiem. “It is nice that we can now also use our skills to help beat the coronavirus pandemic.”


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