Fulfillment for energy drink powder & nutritional shake mix meal replacement powders

Energy drinks for e-sports: RHIEM is taking off in a booming market worth billions and supports the British Start-up E-Sports Nutrition in its product fulfillment of nutritional supplements and merchandise products.

Concentrate well, perceive quickly, react immediately: E-athletes need to be able to call up their performance over a longer period of time with pinpoint accuracy. The energy drink powders and nutritional shake mix meal replacement powders from E-Sports Nutrition help them to achieve this goal. The UK-based start-up sells its products throughout Europe mainly via its own online shop. (www.e-sportsnutrition.gg). RHIEM supports the company in fulfillment: “High-quality products need the best service, RHIEM offers the optimal level of service and brings important experience in the fulfillment of nutritional supplements to our partnerships”, says Dana Robertson, co-founder of E-Sports Nutrition. “The high quality standard we apply to our work connect us with the RHIEM Group“.

The RHIEM Group offers a storage area of app. 48.000 m² at its European headquarters in Voerde close to Düsseldorf. In addition to E-Sports Nutrition, many other British companies shifted their product and merchandise fulfillment to RHIEM Services since beginning of the year. „Since mid of January we register a strong growing demand for logistic solutions on European mainland. Bureaucratic obstacles like custom duties and import sales tax are challenging British e-commerce companies in terms of a consistent supply for their European customers. Even in this situation we were able to offer many British companies a quick, flexible and holistic solution, explains Dr. Peter Lorenzi, Managing Director of RHIEM Services.


E-Sports growth market

RHIEM accompanies the growth and expansion of its customers with scalable fulfillment services. Growth is planned at E-Sports Nutrition: Founded by supplement expert Anthony Millar, three time „World-of-Warcraft“ world champion Mike Djebbara as well as creative head Dana Robertson and Operations expert Jennifer Vera Robertson. The London start-up operates in a rapidly growing market. Hundreds of millions of people around world are already fascinated by athletic competition with computer games such as Fortnite, Dota 2 or World of Warcraft – as players and spectators. In 2019, sales of almost one billion euros were achieved mainly through sponsoring, advertising and streaming licenses, with Germany accounting for around 77 million euros**. Clubs like Hertha BSC or Schalke 04 already have their own e-sports teams.

At E-Sports Nutrition, professionals develop nutritional supplements that improve performance and strength. After all, e-sports is about prize money that can reach up to 25 million euros depending on the competition. Good, healthy nutrition is therefore enormously important in preparation.


Certification ensures hygiene and safety

As a service provider for online retailers, RHIEM delivers the energy drink powders to customer across Europe. The storage and shipping of food supplements are subject to particularly high standards of hygiene and safety. RHIEM has prepared itself for this: The company is certified according to the international IFS Logistics and BIO standards. This ensures particularly hygienic and safe storage, packaging and shipping of food supplements and dry foods. In addition to food and nutritional supplements, RHIEM therefore also supplies cosmetics and health products on behalf of online retailers and branded companies. „We look forward to the challenges in the e-sports market, which is still new for us,“ says Lorenzi. „A lot of innovations are sure to be developed for this – from E-Sports Nutrition and other companies.“


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