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Fulfillment services provided by RHIEM for brand manufacturers, traders and start-ups

Why you should work with us:

  • Top level logistics & fulfillment
  • Years of experience in a wide and diverse range of industries
  • National and international deliveries
  • First-class results for customers like Adobe, Kensington, Schalke 04, Logitech and many more

Fulfillment references

Björn Barnard

Björn Barnard

Global Digital Marketing Manager, Kensington Computer Group
RHIEM is a highly efficient company that has opened up the possibility for Kensington to sell online to end customers in different countries with different languages and currencies with its webshop solution.
Hardy Köhler

Hardy Köhler

Director Channel & Territory Sales, Adobe Systems GmbH
With RHIEM’s range of services, the company is perfectly positioned to meet the current and future requirements of European e-commerce.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Prefi

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Prefi

P3 group AG
RHIEM knows how the international business works. This can benefit RHIEM’s customers in the best possible way.
Björn Endter

Björn Endter

Senior Director, FC Schalke 04
RHIEM convinced us with its speed and flexibility. The processes run so smoothly that there is hardly any need for coordination in the day-to-day business.
Lars Kröger

Lars Kröger

CFO, Native Instruments
Besides all professional and professional aspects, in RHIEM we have found a strategic partner at eye level.

Instant customer service

Christopher Evers

Dr. Peter Lorenzi


Just call me at +49 (0) 2855 / 97 00-742 or send me an e-mail at
I would also be pleased to advise you personally at our premises in Voerde or at your premises. Please arrange an appointment with me.

    Estimated shipments per year

    More than 50.000

    Startup, no information

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    Native Instruments
    Lime Bike
    FC Schalke 04

    Your product in good hands

    Ordered today — delivered quickly. RHIEM meets this claim. As well as a corresponding infrastructure, we also have the necessary experience and competence for smooth and reliable logistics — worldwide. Fast, flexible and reliable – RHIEM offers sophisticated, resilient and highly scalable fulfillment processes for brand manufacturers and retailers, enabling them to promote and boost their business in international markets.

    Fulfillment and shipment

    A tried and tested system of quality checks at our fulfillment department ensures that the correct product is shipped in the correct quantity to the right recipient. For this purpose, we scan and compare all delivery dockets and EAN codes to verify that the product in the box actually corresponds to that specified on the delivery docket.


    For the shipment of the goods, you can choose your preferred carrier and service level. RHIEM will assist you in identifying the best possible method of transport, depending on the goods, the wishes of the recipient and the destination country. As a licensed export trader, RHIEM processes all paperwork for export shipments including export declaration.

    Central warehouse at a perfect location

    With the central warehouse from fulfillment provider RHIEM you have the ideal location to ship your wares easy and fast to your customers. Located at the heart of Europe, RHIEM as a fulfillment service provider can deliver your goods to your customers in Europe in the shortest possible time at extremely competitive costs.

    Reverse logistics management

    RHIEM helps you to process all returns fast and efficiently. You have the option to devise your own business terms and conditions, and RHIEM will then coordinate all steps directly with your customer. Alternatively, returns can be registered directly in the comforo™ customer portal, suggesting a collection date and time. Another option is the provision of return shipping labels for download.

    References for e-commerce & more

    We provide various big names in e-commerce with support in fulfillment, warehouse logistics, packing, order picking, inventory control and credit management as well as order processing and returns management for the online shop. We act on the instructions of the customer in any given case, providing fulfillment services in selected areas only or covering all the processes required to run a professional online shop.

    FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V.: interfaces, logistics & fulfillment, returns

    Generali Versicherung AG: : interfaces, stock management & logistics processes like warehousing & order picking, fulfillment, payment, invoicing & controlling, taxes & levies

    MAN SE: shop interfaces, e-commerce online shop, stock management & & logistics processes, fulfillment, payment, invoicing & controlling, taxes & levies

    Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited: stock management, logistics processes & fulfillment, interfaces, returns management

    Kensington Computer Products Group: set-up, payment, accounting, taxes & levies, logistics & fulfillment (including order picking), returns, customer support

    LVM Versicherung: printing & finishing, digital printing, product range analysis, supply chain, web shop solutions, warehousing & logistics, order processing, invoicing & controlling

    RHIEM also offers professional marketing solutions for mail order options, such as package inserts and advertising inserts. Personalized package inserts can be printed, for example, based on customer data. The software and hardware solution of the Munich start-up Adnymics has been integrated into the fulfillment and shop systems for the multi-page, personalized advertisements. Individual arrangements can also be discussed and agreed for the dispatch of the goods (parcels, forwarding agent, express). You are free to decide whether you want to use the forwarding solutions offered by DHL or another service provider.

    More about the references of RHIEM.

    What are the credentials required of a good fulfillment service provider?

    The Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon economics dictionary defines fulfillment as the provision of the full package of processes required by mail order companies, from the logistics chain as an end-to-end solution, such as inventory control, storage, incoming and outgoing goods inspections, flexible delivery via DHL, UPS or other carriers and returns, right through to reporting on storage, shipping and sales. A good partner must be able to cover all these aspects if necessary. The operative phrase here is “if necessary”. Not every trader needs everything. Some need only one partner in contract logistics for warehousing including incoming goods and flexible delivery (nationwide or international) while others focus on warehousing, B2B distribution and the processing of returns, and then there are others who are primarily interested in data-driven sales reporting and personal customer service.

    A good fulfillment service provider can only offer this flexibility if it has its own processes firmly under control and can establish its credentials as a specialist in every link of the chain as well as in the solution as a whole. Having served so many prestigious customers, RHIEM has gathered plenty of experience in a wide and diverse range of sectors. Our customers and their specific requirements keep spurring us on to make improvements – and to do so in every department, from warehousing, shipping and returns right through to reporting. We have enjoyed continuing growth and development in 2017 and would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers once again.